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At a fairly young age I started playing the acoustic guitar. At the age of 16 my father also gave me an electric guitar set for my birthday. With that I could finally start playing the riffs of my favorite bands, using the necessary effects. That got the ball rolling. I owe most of my progress to my own efforts, so I can certainly call myself an autodidact. It is therefore my ultimate goal to save people who follow the same path a lot of time and effort.

Initially, chords in particular were quite frustrating to learn. I had a lot of pain in my fingers, some grips seemed almost unfeasible in the short term and many musical passages that I wanted to play but didn't succeed quickly enough.

Over the years, my taste in music has been subject to constant change – sometimes even from one extreme to the other. I often knew alternating periods of instrumental rest and new ones of non-stop dedication.

After my studies I decided to broaden my guitar playing even more. I practiced for many hours a day, on both acoustic and electric guitar, focusing on heavy metal, classical baroque pieces and the fingerpicking genre. I took some lessons to improve my music theory and also taught myself how to read music.

Shortly afterwards I played a nice role with various bands as a rhythm and lead guitarist.


Ben Boeckx

Guitar solo with tablature

There is ample parking in the street and the location is also easily accessible by public transport (bus 32 from Antwerp city stops behind the corner, Prins Boudewijnlaan).

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