„Music is for the diversion, education and stimulation of mind and heart, and for the liberation of the soul from passions.“


Learn to play songs, riffs, licks, chord backings and solos

with increasing difficulty and all this with the necessary theoretical foundation!

The teaching material is sent digitally and given to the student on paper. That way he always has something new to improve himself with and that way it remains varied. Whatever they are, you always take new insights with you to your next project, small or large.


Come take a lesson...


......with the intention of achieving a pre-selected objective. Learn famous songs, solos, riffs, brush up on your theoretical knowledge and apply it immediately. Among other things, I use courses that have been renewed over the years that are entirely focused on everything that comes with playing the guitar, from techniques to composition and improvisation.

These courses are:

Learn the open basic chords, barrée chords, quadrads and others with complicated extensions (pentagonal, polytonal..). Exercises with beat rhythms, arpeggios and much more as well as songs with increasing difficulty right from Lesson 1.

Pentatonic scales, typical blues chords, sliding chords, practical studies in the 12-bar blues. Are you blues, rock or metal minded like me? Then this is really something for you.

For those who can already play a lot of beautiful things, but now finally want to understand more about how it all works. Learn to compose yourself or improvise freely over chord sequences! All the secrets of tonal music are revealed!

Legato, hammer-on, pull-off, alternate picking, tremelo picking, arpeggio picking, banjo picking, travis picking, sweep picking, tirando picking, hybrid picking, bending, vertical vibrato, horizontal vibrato, circular vibrato, whammy vibrato, pick scraping , string skipping, legato, staccato, slides, double stops, double-stop bends, pre-bends, pinch harmonics, artificial harmonics, trills, tapping, palm muting, bending, shredding, sweeping, strumming, dive bombs, ghost notes, dead notes, volume swells, thumb slapping, pinching, knocking, playing with the teeth and feet... Actually, that's all just a little poopiedoo.

An introductory module and 5 follow-up modules with increasing difficulty are used, in which the tirando technique is ultimately used to introduce blues picking, ragtime picking and jazz picking. You learn to apply the contemporary fingerstyle methodology on the basis of simple exercises to masterclass etudes.

Reading notes on a score is another common way of interpreting music, in addition to using chords (grids) and tablature. It gives the enormous advantage of putting the reading of correct intonation and rhythm together. I often still teach music theory to children – but also adults who already have a music school background – so that songs can be played immediately that are not yet known.

There is ample parking in the street and the location is also easily accessible by public transport (bus 32 from Antwerp city stops behind the corner, Prins Boudewijnlaan).

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